Uni work, time lapse

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I didn’t realise how long it has been since I had last written anything on this blog. Well, one thing is for sure, a lot has happened since the last post back in March.

For one, I have moved out of home and the town where I had grown up, and moved down the country. Bought a house with my partner, and also still looking for a new work position – for the full story, go and have a look at my other blog page ‘Big move, Small Town‘, which is also on WordPress.

Also, in regards to my life as a student, I got enrolled into the Masters programme at AUT, and am now in the process of writing my thesis as well as working on the analysis part of the thesis study. Yayy!!

Although, at times I don’t know if I am doing it right, or if enough at all. Daily, I am certainly doing something to do with it as a whole, but I haven’t had to do something of this magnitude before. I have written long essays before, but this… this is… wow. At least around 30,000 words is the target and I’m just in shock when I think about it at times.

But I am looking forward to getting through it all and seeing the final product in my hands, and know that I had worked hard to get to this point. And that all the stress and what I am feeling is all worth it. At times it sounds like I am going through a terrible pregnancy… Thankfully not, but at times it does feel as much.


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