Back to Uni. First day of class

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Well, I am back into the study life, though thankfully not quite as busy as it was last year. As of this moment, I’m not doing the Masters *cry* and this is due to not quite getting the grade average to get into the programme. So hence, I am redoing some classes to hopefully up my marks to then get into the programme for Semester 2.

I’m not saying that I will be getting into it then, that is just my hopeful plan for the year ahead, as well as a number of other personal things that are going on right now – which I won’t get into just yet. Least not here =)

Anyway, classes so far are just little steps. Getting people use to what is to come for the semester, the assignments and so on. This class compared to last year has a very different feel to it. Firstly, likely due to the fact that the lecturers running the Research paper are two women – last year I had two men taking the class. Also, the class is – in a way – split into areas on how people are wanting to tackle the use of research for their area of interest.

And on another point that I feel this is going to go differently, is that there may be a few more people in this class that have a similar area of interest, as I do, which is a really nice change to last year.

Well, that is it for now. I have another class, but that isn’t on until tomorrow. I may write a blog later as to how the first week went and what is going on elsewhere, if I feel up for it.


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