Reflection on Video Assignment 4 – Interview Piece

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Well, this is it. The final video assignment for the year. It has been one heck of a ride with this class, been an amazing learning curve to say the least. The use of new video tools have been really interesting to use, and have certainly made me think of possibly getting them at a later point in the future.

But anyway, here is the reflection for the final assignment; the Video News Interview. When this assignment came around, I was not at all sure as to what kind of topic I wanted to cover. With so many other assignments going on, at times it did get rather confusing. I first thought of doing a topic surrounding something from another, unrelated class, though we learnt that it wasn’t allowed.

Although, I did think that maybe I could use an interview from maybe the Feature assignment. Least that way, everyone in the class was in the same class in that regards, so none of us were left hanging, so to speak. Once I had the area I was wanting to look into; which is fandoms and fans, it was just a matter of finding the right person to interview.

I firstly was hoping to maybe interview a person that I had spoken to the previous semester for a slightly similar story. Sadly, when I spoke to her, she turned it down, as she was too busy with an upcoming event (Armageddon), as she runs one of the stalls that will be at the event for all of Labour Weekend.

Although, I was told a few times to maybe try and find someone on social media. So I put a post up onto my Twitter account, along with the user-tag for the Armageddon Expo. As luck would have it, someone quickly responded. Sadly though, he wouldn’t be in Auckland until the 23rd, the last day the whole assignment was due. So I asked if he knew anyone that was in Auckland and I was able to get in touch with.

That was how I was able to get my interview person – Kelly Fisher. Such a lovely woman to speak to, by the way. One a side note, both her and I could talk for hours, as we have a similar fondness for some fandoms; such as Supernatural and a few other television shows.

We tried twice to conduct an interview, firstly on Sunday, which didn’t happen due to the loan out place being closed. But that was alright. I used that to my advantage for other assignments. So, we rescheduled the interview for the Monday afternoon. Nilam was such a great help being my camera-person and Director. She did great work with getting all the shots the right way, as well as setting up our corner where we conducted the interview.

I’ll admit at the time, I wasn’t thinking about the use of the clip-on microphones. I did remember them being used in the tester during class, but I don’t think we got them from loan out at the time. But the answers and questions all came through the camera-mic really well. Ms Fisher spoke really clear and since the area we were was ‘mostly’ quiet, it worked well.

Though, if I had to do it again, I would remember to use the mics the second time around, when I am interviewing. Although, when it came time for me to be the camera person for Nilam, I completely forgot the second time. Not that I was trying to sabotage or anything. I guess I just didn’t realise the amount of atmos noise that would be at the location. But the location had perfect lighting, and it was such a fun experience to watch, after conducting my own interview.

The interview seemed the easy part. Piecing the interview together to fit the requirement was something different entirely, even compared to the previous assignments. As the clip shows above, I got it done to the best of my abilities (considering no mics were used). At some points, it felt rather tedious, getting all the little cut-outs in the right place, using the right sort of noddie for the question, or answer, and trying to cut out any long pauses that were not necessary.

Same with writing/transcribing the script for the final paperwork, rather tedious, but once it was done and dusted, a great sigh of relief came over. It was done. Done and all handed in. Now is just to actually hand it all in the next time I am at uni, which will hopefully be before the Wednesday deadline.

Thanks again Danni for all the help on all the work we have done this semester. I know I will try to do my best to remember what you taught us. Now, time for sleep I think, this post has gone on long enough.


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