Reflection on Video Assignment 3 – “Live” Cross

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At first, I thought this assignment would be rather daunting, as the other three are done in pairs, while this one is on your own. But I will say that it does not end up on a news show. I despise seeing myself – or evening hearing myself for that matter, played back to me. I don’t seem to sound right.

But anyway, at first I was a bit unsure as to what sort of ‘newsworthy’ topic I could cover. For a while, I was not sure on if I could cover something I had already done, whether it was in my news intensive period, from the previous semester… I had no idea.

But, the day before the cut off to email through our scripts for the assignments, I finally got an idea. The junior playground that is going to be built not to far from where I live. I wrote a story on it, though sadly it wasn’t published to the old Te Waha Nui website, but I had used it for another assignment as well, so I thought “Why not this one as well?”

I was surprised when I had all the information from the previous work on the piece, on how quick I was able to write the script. I had it done within half an hour of starting, and I thought that it may not have sounded ‘newsworthy’ enough for the assignment. I was stoaked when it was approved, with some slight changes to be made. I felt at ease at that point.

Now it was just to do it in front of a camera. For me, sitting in front of a camera doesn’t feel completely comfortable – many people tell me otherwise though. At least with the ones in the Media Centre, they are not the huge, hulking cameras you’d normally see in a newsroom, which made it that bit easier to read the script on the auto-cue.

I read through the script prior, even with it coming up on auto-cue, just so that I didn’t end up freezing during a recording. I felt good to see that I was also doing it rather early in the day. Get it done and out of the way and get other parts done afterwards – like this post for example.

As I read through with a few practices, it didn’t actually feel all that bad. Not too many people were in the room, looking at me, so I didn’t feel all that nervous on it. The only thing that I felt may have thrown me off, was my breathing. I do notice that I seem to keep speaking, and not take a breath as often as I should. In my mind, it feels as if I am meeting someone new, and having to talk to them. I’m not sure why that it, it’s just what I have noticed, thinking it over in my head.

But, it is done. I feel I did alright. I don’t think I mumbled too much – if at all. Now it’s just the waiting for the results. Least I know before going in, everyone seemed nervous, but came out so calm and happy with what they had done. I did too in all honesty.

Bring on the last assignment!!


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