After the “study break” of Semester 2…

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Phew!! Finally, a moment to stop and think. Since my last blog post, not related to assignment reflection, there has been a lot going on. More assignments have been completed, I went and did my internship and I even had to go and work on top of that! Not much ME time at all, unless you count when I’m asleep….

Anyway, everyone has been asking me on how my internship went, or how I found it. And I just have to say that it was really interesting. I was able to see the function of a newspaper newsroom, the dynamics of the reporters from other papers working with where I was in particular, and vice versa. It was really amazing and they were a lovely group of people to get to work with.

As well as that, I had to try and get an assignment done – a 4000 word essay!! If I had time during the weekends, I know I could have easily gotten it done, but I got asked to cover the weekends at work, so I felt as if there was almost no time to actually get it done to the quality that I wanted it at.

Though, thinking back on it now, I am thankful that I missed the first few days of my internship – was meant to be two working weeks, but was more one and a half. With those two days, I was able to get the assignment at least half way and I could then just add to it when I had a spare few moments.

Oh, gotta stop now. More assignment work to get done by the end of today.

Next time!!


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