Reflection on Video Assignment 2 – Vox Pops

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Now, for this assignment – in different groups this time, we were told to go and do a one minute ‘vox pop’ piece on a particular topic of choice. I found it rather funny that the topic of the speed limit possibly changing on motorways and open-roads came up, as I had only just covered this topic the day before for my News Intensive with Te Waha Nui.

Anyway, Georgina (or George) and I went out and decided to go along Symonds Street and a little along Karangahape Road (K Road) and speak to some of the people walking along those road this morning and asking them their thoughts on the possible change to the speed.

Both George and I thought it best to keep the thought of continuity for the piece, so George conducted the interviews and I was recording them with the camera, both on the stand and hand-held, which wasn’t too bad, apart from my nails getting in the way to turn the camera back on. (not part of the assignment, but I am hoping to have that sorted before the mid-semester break)

As we spoke to more people, I felt we got rather confident in being able to get enough people and keep asking our question. We did encounter a few people that either couldn’t speak much English, or didn’t understand what we were asking them, but it was fine in the end.

We got a good amount of people with varying views on the topic and good shots of them all. However, it wasn’t until we got back into class that we noticed some of our shots, we could see ourselves reflected back in the glass behind the people we spoke to. It was only with maybe one or two, but… again, learning curve.

Also, with the topic being on speed along the motorways, the fact that one of the one-ramps onto one of Auckland’s motorway was along Symonds Street worked perfectly. And we were able to shoot some ambient shots of cars going onto the motorway for both the opening shots and the ending shots.

We also used that spot to do the introduction piece with George speaking to the camera and cars were going past in the background as a link.

Once back in class, we got into it. We did encounter problems with the video editing program, it decided to crash on us, before we properly saved what we had done, and it would not allow us to open it up again on that particular computer. We were starting to get worried that it would not be done in time, but we got it to open on one computer and we were able to get a start on a whole new video.

Once our other class was finished, we got back into it and we both were able to easily piece all the clips together that we thought were good enough. George went and recorded the outro voice-over for the final part of the piece and I relistened to the video clips to make sure they flowed well and made sense.

And just for fun, here is our final product. Enjoy!


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