Blogpost Reflection on Video Assignment 1

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For this assignment, I worked with Nilam, and I felt that we worked really well together. We both had ideas as to what to cover, and had a few back-ups, in case they fell through.

As the deadline neared, and we were unsure on some of our ideas, we got one regarding development in the Wynyard Quarter on Auckland’s Waterfront, which was an idea Nilam and I found as a last resort.

We both had a go at setting up the shots, finding locations, filming and even editing it all together into the final project.

I hadn’t had much experience with editing video software before, only with the iMovie during a Certificate study. I had no former understanding of Adobe Premiere, but it seems easy enough once I knew how it worked.

As the time in class came to piece the whole thing together, Nilam and I worked together to get as much of the footage together, as well as the script – Nilam typed up the script, while I pieced the video together and we were always making sure we knew what was happening with the other person’s task.

Since Nilam had done her undergrad and had a bit more experience than myself in how a news piece flows, she looked over what I had done regarding piecing the video with her voiceover. There were a few little changes she did, and I looked and listened over them again before I went and posted the video to YouTube.

Overall, I thought it wasn’t a bad assignment. It was rather fun, once an idea was in place and we knew what it was we were wanting to see.


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