Hanging in there. (So tired)

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Well, here I am. Into week 5 of the second semester at AUT and the burning question in my mind is “WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!”

Already, classes have thrown out assignments to get done before the semester break – which is at the end of next week. And for me personally, I have had more moments where I felt it is becoming too much to handle.

As well as classes, we all are to go through what we are calling “News Intensive”, where in groups over a two week period, we are ‘working’ for the university’s online newspaper. Doesn’t sound too bad, but when you throw in the fact that we still need to attend classes, come up with story ideas for this, and try to get a story up onto the website within the day…

All I want to say on it, is that it seems a lot to ask of us. We are rather constrained with our timetable already and it just… *urgh* At least it is only two weeks of it, and on the positive side, I am glad that I am in the first group with the News Intensive, seeing as the next group does one week before the break, and their next one the week we come back. YIKES!!!

At times I feel as if my social-life (what is that again? Haha) is either struggling to keep up with this, or is interfering with the workload from uni. Is that weird??

Anyway, that is my rather brief update. Gotta go and get this story written tonight to be looked over tomorrow and (hopefully) posted tomorrow as well.


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