Back into it… and it ain’t gunna stop!!

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Well, after a nice look five week hiatus, I am back into the flow that is Uni life, and already, it feels like there is a lot coming my way.

For one class that took place on Tuesday, the class has already been asked to get our thoughts into a journal format, so that we can ‘keep track of what we are doing, how we feel’, etc. Much like what I write about here, but this is on one thing specifically, which I won’t bore you with too much… least until the time is right.

Wednesday is a pretty full on day as well.

Three classes, starting from eight in the morning, till four in the afternoon (stress!!). I have kept my fingers crossed that they will be really enlightening classes, due to what the other lecturers were saying about them in the previous semester.

The class was right back into it with Shorthand first off. Though it was a lot like the testing conditions from last semester than learning a new writing technique. For that first topic, I personally don’t think I did well, but I just hope that it was well enough to be considered as a pass.

The next one covers Global Crises within the media. Such things like natural disasters, rights of the gay and transgender community, obesity, ‘the war on terror’ and even ‘the war on sugar’. From what I have seen of it so far, it does seem to be a really good class to be in.

Last class for Wednesday was the Political Economy approach to the media. Well… that one didn’t quite go as planned. Apparently the lecturer for that class had cancelled it due to personal reason – won’t go into them here, but I understand them, yet, about nine members of the class were sitting in the room at 2pm, waiting patiently for the lecturer to show. It wasn’t until 20 minutes later that someone rang an office to find out what was going on. “Oh, the class has been cancelled for this week and will begin on the 29th.”

Well, once we heard that, everyone just quite literally grabbed up their stuff and walked out.

Then there comes the next intense day – Friday.

Two three hour classes that are a crucial part to gaining my Post Graduate Diploma. I kept my fingers crossed that they will be something to look forward to, even if they took up most of my Friday.

The video class was just… awesome.

Even though it was in the same room as a previous class, the feel of that environment is now completely changed. The whole class even got to make a few Vyclone videos. Though they took a while to load, they looked both funny and awesome and we were able to point out what may have been wrong with some shots, and what worked with others.

And finally, the News Production class.

I did not realise that the class was to be in another computer lab, hence why I had brought my laptop with me. But hey, learning curves are all over the place. It was such an amazing class to be in, we learnt so much. Again, the class was thrown into the deep-end of learning, but it did not seem like class work to me, it was that fun.

We got to work with the Adobe InDesign programme, and once I knew what everything did and how to use it, it became a breeze, as if I were in Microsoft Word, which is what I normally deal with for writing.

Overall, it was a pretty intense first week, but it has certainly been an interesting one nonetheless.


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