Last Week FINISHED!!!

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I still can’t get over on how fast the first semester has gone by. Already it is at the end of June and … I can’t even comprehend it yet.

For the early part of June, I was working on my final assignments, and for most of the week of the twelfth, they didn’t seem as big as I previously thought.

And even now, I think back to them and Though half the time I wasn’t sure on what I was doing, or how it will all come together, I got them done as best as I could and handed them in before the final deadline of the due dates.

Now, with no more classes till July 20, at times I wonder what it is that I should be doing now.
Confused person says…

Even as I write this, I am keeping my fingers crossed to find out all of my grades for the assignments and classes. I have gotten one overall class mark back and I am so thankful that I have passed.

I was rather worried that I hadn’t done the final assignment right, considering the first assignment for this class I just scraped through with a pass. But nope. Got 75% on the final assignment, which gives me 67% overall for the class. C’s get degrees, is what I have been hearing a lot during my tertiary studies.

Now just waiting on the rest of the classes, and keeping my fingers crossed, not just for myself, but for the rest of my classmates as well. We were really worried in regard to one class in particular, and we are still waiting for the overall results.


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