Slow Snowballing

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Time has certainly flown by as of late. It is currently week ten of the first semester and the way the classes and assignments just seem to be constantly following on, one after the next.

I could honestly say that I have been on the verge of running out of class and crying (again) it has felt so stressful. At times it seems to just consume me, and then I start to worry about other things apart from the study and work that needs to be done.

I do feel that being able to talk about it to people that fully understand the workload, the stress behind the work is certainly helpful.

I do wish that at times I am able to maintain my time management of getting things done. For the moment, I am only just getting past by the scrape of my teeth. I know that I could be doing them better, I … I don’t know, I guess I just still haven’t quite found a calling that I like so far with study.

It has certainly been a long couple of weeks where my mind has just wondered to other things. Such as life, I guess.

But the thoughts that come about always seem to have been triggered via one small thing that seems irrelevant to most, except me. I’m starting to think that I should learn to compartmentalise and file certain life issues aside till at least the first semester is over.


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