Mid-Semester break was no ‘BREAK’

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Coming back from the mid-semester break after the fifth week, it was a bit of a shock as to how much of the year has gone by so far.

That week was a real workload of things to get finished or accomplished by the long weekend. (in New Zealand, the 25th of April is celebrated as ANZAC Day – much like Veteran’s day in the States)

With one test and two assignments due by April the 24th, the use of well placed time management was essential. At times I have a terrible tendency to procrastinate, especially when it comes to having to listen to my voice played-back to me.

The test was first on the Thursday morning, and it was regarding shorthand writing. I didn’t feel too worried about it however, as during these classes, most of the concepts and word groups I was able to understand and write, though rather slowly.

The test wasn’t at all that long, and after it was done, I wondered for a bit on how much I had missed writing down.

The next work was writing a profile piece about a person. Though I wish I had gotten certain sources to get one of the assignments done to how I would like to have been, I was able to get it done one day ahead and handed in. This then gave me more time to work on the next assignment that was due.

This one being a literature review. Thankfully, I had a rough idea on what was needed, and since it was on a topic I had previously looked at during my Bachelor’s study, I knew where to find sources. As the time drew closer to hand the literature review in, I was sure that I could keep writing about some of the sources. I was just didn’t want to end up repeating myself.

But, by three, I had dropped the assignment in and I felt so much better. A weight had been lifted. It felt suited that there was an extra long weekend coming, so I took advantage of doing nothing relating to Uni work.

Bliss. Take a breath.

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