Recap of the last Month

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It has been a rather busy couple of weeks. Though finally I have a quick moment to myself to be able to reflect on what I have gone through with my studies.

After the first two weeks, there was an uproar of either readings, assignment work, as well as finding stories that could be published online.

Since I’m still in a rather academic and journalist mind mode right now, I might just try and bullet them and summarize.

Assignments – with one class, having to write a story each week has been rather daunting. Thankfully with the use of ’rounds’ given to the entire class, we do not end up writing say twenty stories all from the same angle.

However, I will say that on the academic side of assignments, I was, and am feeling rather comfortable in doing them. More than likely due to the fact that I have come from an academic background in my Bachelor’s, I had gotten use to writing long essays with long paragraphs and other such ‘boring’ things.

Much like going through the boot camp in the first week, it is an eye opener as to what is still coming in class. And finding the time to be able to get through the classes, the work and still attempt to be social with both family and friends has changed much.

But being able to talk and discuss to the rest of the class, I am thankfully not alone in this journey. I hear of some class members stressing about their own work loads with assignments, stories and the due dates that seem to appear out of nowhere.

Oh, should be listening to this class. Be back again soon (hopefully).

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