Recap of the First Two weeks

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Well, it has certainly been full on time of late.

Week One was very interesting. Having been out of tertiary study for a whole year, I felt completely floored with what I’ve gotten myself into. There was a new form of debriefing, or Boot Camp, that I and the rest of the Post-Graduate students – as well as third year Journalism students, instead of classes. It was just a little taste of what’s to come.

Everyday it was something new, and different from what I learnt during my undergraduate degree. In assigned groups – made up of third years and post graduates, we were given a particular area to go out and find stories happening or about the area. It was no easy task, considering that on the last day to submit them, we had to get some video footage of who and/or what we wrote a story about. Thankfully though, none of the stories – least in this setting wouldn’t end up published.

Doing a story a day for homework, and having to have them in that same night, thinking back on it still seems daunting, but it gave us all a bit of experience in going out and actually looking for a story, write it and get some good feedback about it. We even learnt a bit about our style of writing in the face of getting into Journalism.

Week Two was my first proper week of full blown classes. I had just started going to the room where Boot Camp was held and then it changed completely again. I felt so confused as to where I had to go.

Thankfully, most of the lecturers had been supervising the Boot Camp the week before, so they understood that some of us had no idea on what was required for each.

Once I got my head around where all my classes were, then it was the classes themselves. Again, much like the boot camp, felt and seem so daunting. One class has three assignments to get done, another had four. Yet, they are both part of the core ‘Creative Practice’ of the Diploma!!

Though, in saying that, one thing I am so thankful for, is that there is no actual exams to take. Yes!! There are a few tests, sure, but they take place during the semester, not at the end of.

By the third day, however, I kept wondering: ‘Have I done the right thing in going back to study?’ , ‘This is too much! I want to go back to work!’ or even thinking ‘I CAN’T DO THIS!!!’

I shall keep my fingers crossed that I can build a regular routine with classes and manage my time accordingly to get things done right.

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