Days Away

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It has been some time that I posted any news regarding my studies.

Well, firstly my student I.D card arrived not long after my last post. I could not stop looking at it. One more proof I had to show that I am really doing this.

The next; which was only in the last few days, was Orientation. There I was able to meet some of my new class mates, lecturers and other staff in post graduate. I felt so excited that night, knowing classes were just around the corner.

However, with studies starting, I had to let go of my work as a retail assistant. It was a sad last day. The guys I worked with have been awesome. I got a couple of handshakes, some hugs and a fair amount of “good luck”s. I could have cried.

Now, in less than two days, course work will be upon me. At least there was fair enough warning on the intensity looming.

Roll on University Post-Graduate study!!!

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