Stress averted… For the moment

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Well, my worry on if my course choices going unnoticed has been eased.

I had sent an email to the enrollment officer last week to see what was going on. Got an immediate email response back, though it was an automated response. It stated that she was away on holiday and won’t be back till the thirteenth.

Okay. It was Friday at this point, so it was a few days to wait. It wasn’t till that day – a Tuesday, after my day at work that I checked my emails. Praise be, she had gotten in touch the day she went back to work.

She told me that what I had done considering class choice and enrollment steps, there is not much else to do now, but wait for it to be processed, along with my future class/course members.

Yay!! Weight and fretting is lifted. Now just a slightly easier waiting starts. Fingers crossed not much more to go till March second.

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